About Us

At Brambly Hill, we offer a superb standard of care/education for children from nought to eight years though our strong commitment to the provision of a high-quality environment and workforce.

We are a bilingual English/Welsh Day Nursery that has been operating for nearly 25 years. During this time, we have become very aware of the needs of children and their families with regard to their requirements for early years care and education. As a result, we have created a lovely environment in which children can play, learn and grow, whilst providing a service that enables working parents with young children to source all their care needs under one roof.

The wellbeing of the child is at the centre of our provision which consists of the following: 

  • A lovely, secure environment that encompasses care, play and education, all of which are delivered in a flowing and continuous manner by a team of experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Teaching/learning strategies which are inspired by well-researched and highly-regarded approaches to Early Years Care and Education.
  • Meal-times that are unhurried and enjoyed by the children, and which contain a range of foods, freshly prepared and cooked in our kitchen.
  • Adherence and respect for specific cultural requirements of parents and their children.
  • Strategies on outdoor activities which develop children's gross and fine motor skills, and are intended to develop children's understanding and appreciation of the world around us.
  • An ongoing and strong communication system between nursery staff, families and other professional agencies so that, together, we can achieve the best outcomes for your child.