Brambly Hill 2

The period between ages 2 and 5 is critical in child development. It’s a unique time in life unlike any other. It’s a time of great wonder and curiosity, and it’s about living in the here and now. A positive educational experience in these early years can give children a passion, purpose and appetite for learning that could last a lifetime!

- Stanford University

Our care and education strategies for children from about 2⅓ years, encourage their ability to grow in confidence, independence and social awareness.

Brambly Hill Nursery ToddlersBrambly Hill Nursery ToddlersBrambly Hill Nursery Toddlers

Once the children have begun to settle in, they will start to seek out the teachers’ support and guidance as provocations in the “classroom environment” catch their interest, and from which a sense of purpose can be nurtured.

For continuity, we provide some of the same and similar activities/types of equipment that have been presented to the children in Brambly Hill 1. However, as your child progresses, the way in which they use this equipment will be very different to earlier on in their development.

Brambly Hill Nursery ToddlersBrambly Hill Nursery Toddlers

Brambly Hill Nursery Toddlers

Adults in the Nursery guide the child’s increasing ability to develop the social skills necessary for wellbeing, enjoyment, and eventual ability to play in collaboration with their peers.

Whilst materials and their presentation have the potential to draw a child in, they also have the potential to completely turn a child away. Therefore, our materials are skillfully selected and presented for their endless possibilities to enhance learning and discovery in a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable way for each child.

Brambly Hill Nursery Toddlers