Yr Hydref 2016

Posted on 5th October 2016 by Admin

We are looking forward to our autumn activities both indoors and outdoors. We will be exploring the outdoor area, and collecting interesting "treasure" for our nature table, such as conkers, leaves in different colours and pine cones. In our pre-prep class, our book of the term is "The Gruffalo", with a Gruffalo small world to explore and enjoy.

We have started our autumn colour exploration (red, brown, orange, green and gold). The children are looking forward to starting their autumn collage, using lots of shades of these lovely colours and with items collected from our outdoor area.


Creating autumn trees on the light box, supported by different types of artwork, including "The Birch Wood" by Gustav Klimt.


Here are some of the "treasures" we collected outdoors. We are enjoying using them in different ways in our maths area and in our creative area.

        Exploring shapes and sizes                              Being creative with natural items 


Having fun outdoors, and working up an appetite for lunch.  

                                                            It's the Gruffalo!


Here we are having fun with autumn shadows, and enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air.


Taking part in our seasonal relay! 

Lovely collaborative play! We'll share our 'harvest' when the basket is full!